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Micro Precision Prototypes

Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing has been working with companies around the world to manufacture small precision prototypes for the last 8 years.

We can machine Prototyping down to the micron and build working proof of concepts prototypes.

  • prototyping for the medical field
  • prototyping for manufacturing jewelers
  • prototyping for vision and eye wear
  • prototyping for modeling
  • prototyping for watch and clock design and manufacturing

MPPM LTD has the ability to manufacturer these tiny precision working prototypes in a huge range of materials.
Stainless Steels, Ferrous and no ferrous metals, polymers, and ceramics.

Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing can help you bring your proof of concept working prototype to life .MPPM LTD works with the leading machining software Master Cam and leading design software Solid Works so we can stream line and advise you of the most cost effective way to proceed with you Prototype design.

Micro Machining Prototypes Gallery