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Manufacturing Testimonials

I needed a prototype part manufactured and after cycling through more than 15 other machining companies, finally came in contact with MPPM. The part I needed was roughly 3mmx3mmx1mm with very intricate details. I needed the part made of stainless steel and I needed it CNC milled. MPPM was able to make the part, which no one else was able to do, and they did it within my budget and in an extremely short period of time. I would highly recommend MPPM for anyone needing small parts. The excellent service and quick turn-around are just a bonus.

James Blackburn

From a Google Review

Steve: Just a note to let you know how well the small paw for my Solari Digital Clock has worked. As you know, the clock, circa 1964 is an analogue, i.e. mechanical, digital clock. The numerous gears and paws allow for the perception of a digital display. The tens of seconds paw made of machined steel was so worn as a result of friction that it no longer functioned in the clock. The piece that you machined for me was outstanding even to the small roller bearing mounted on the paw. Although I only really needed one, your offer to make a small batch of ten at a reasonable price will keep me supplied with replacement paws well into the next decade! Your attention to detail as well as the precision of the work made this replacement part work for me. Thank you again. If and when I need a tens of minutes paw (as I imagine it will wear out too) I’ll be back to you for another precision part.

Ron Graff

Early this year we forwarded an escape wheel to Micro Machining Inc (now Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing Ltd.).

The wheel was from a ship’s chronometer escapement. The old one had worn some (3 mm) and satisfactory time keeping was impossible.

…they cut us a new wheel that had to be perfect as this type of escapement had no means of regulation so in order for the clock to keep time the new wheel had to be 100% exact. We are pleased to recommend this firm as the clock runs well within the tolerance required for navigation thanks to the excellent work done by …Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing Ltd…. of Vancouver Island Canada

Palai Clock Company

Wellsford New Zealand

I have known Steve Cotton for the past 10 years. During this time he has repaired many watches for me. One watch in particular was a 5513 Rolex Submariner that was in great need of repair. Steve not only repaired the watch to its brand new condition, he also had the case re-done by Rolex like new. I highly recommend Steve for the repairs, knowledge, and first class treatment he gives all this customers.

Kevin Hogan

Victoria Gold Course, Edmonton Alberta

I restore Spilhaus Space clocks, whose gears are Nylon with metal bushings. I was unable to find any machinist willing to reproduce these unusual gears until I found Steve at Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing. Not only did he accept the challenge but he made exact duplicates and now supplies all my gears.

I was so impressed with his skills that I entrusted the family wristwatch to him for repair, which is the best recommendation of all.

Michael Sands

The Sands Mechanical Museum, Sunnyvale, California

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Steve Cotton on the excellent services he has provided to me. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Steve for the last 10 years and he has always demonstrated a high level of expertise, professionalism, and integrity! Steve has serviced several of my rare Rolex timepieces including a Paul Newman Daytona and triple date chronograph. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to any of my watch friends; he’s never let me down!

Don kung

Watch Forum DLD

With the uncomfortable idea of sending my 1976 Rolex Submariner for servicing, by registered mail or courier (however well insured) to an Authorized Rolex Service Centre, I was surprised and delighted to find one right on my own doorstep…on Vancouver Island of all places!!

Micro Precision Parts, Steve Cotton, President. Steve showed me over his workshop and explained his function and advised on all of the options available for me to consider. This included putting a value on the watch based on it’s condition if I decided to sell. I was happy to leave the watch with him and within 24 hours all transactions were successfully completed to my satisfaction.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with his mien, professionalism and obvious integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Ivor Cohen

Vancouver Island